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Resources about
Animal Cognition, Learning, and Behavior

A listing of scientists investigating animal cognition & learning

Scientific Journals

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    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes

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   Animal Learning and Behavior

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      Animal Cognition

Journal of Comparative Psychology

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     Learning and Motivation


     Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

     Behavioural Processes

Table of contents from some of these journals covering the last few years
             maintained by Dr. Doug. Grant at then University of Alberta

Links to various Animal Behavior sites   
             maintained by Marina Haynes at the University of Maryland

Other Links to Animal Behavior

Counting in Monkeys

Memory in Birds

The Electronic Zoo - Information about all types of animals

Links to other Animal Behavior sites
Maintained by Marina Haynes at the University of Maryland

Animal Cams  Some online animal "behavior" over the web

Virtual birding in Boston's Mt. Auburn Cemetery