Animal Spatial Cognition:

 Comparative, Neural & Computational Approaches

Edited and Published by

Michael F. Brown
Department of Psychology

Villanova University




Robert G. Cook
Department of Psychology
Tufts University

In cooperation with Comparative Cognition Press
 of the Comparative Cognition Society
November, 2006

Table of Contents


What Would Tolman Think?: Space and Cyberspace
Michael F. Brown & Robert G. Cook
Villanova University & Tufts University


Linking Life Zones, Life History Traits, Ecology, and Spatial Cognition in Four Allopatric Southwestern Seed Caching Corvids
Russell P. Balda & Alan C. Kamil
Northern Arizona University & University of Nebraska

An Adaptationist's View of Comparative Spatial Cognition
Sue Healy
University of Edinburgh

Abstracting Spatial Relations Among Goal Locations
Michael F. Brown
Villanova University

Geometry, Features, and Orientation in Vertebrate Animals: A Pictorial Review
Ken Cheng & Nora Newcombe
Macquarie University & Temple University

Updating Human Spatial Memory
Holly A. Taylor & David N. Rapp
Tufts University & Northwestern University

Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms of Homing and Migration in Birds
Verner Bingman, Tammy Jechura, & Meghan C. Kahn
Bowling Green State University

Directing Neural Representations of Space
Sheri Mizumori & David Smith
University of Washington

True Navigation: Sensory Bases of Gradient Maps
John Phillips, Klaus Schmidt-Koenig, & Rachel Muheim
Virginia Tech, Duke University, & Virginia Tech

Functional Considerations in Animal Navigation: How Do You Use What You Know?
Robert Biegler
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Exploration and Navigation Using Hierarchical Cognitive Maps
Nestor Schmajuk & Horatiu Voicu
Duke University


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